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Your Personal Data Locker

Beam, a personal data locker application, designed to securely store and for a swiftly share personal data with the mission to rid our world from form-filling for good.


Through Beam, users only have to locate the form by scanning the form’s designated QR code.

Then, fill out their personal information which will be stored in their own personal locker. Fill out

the data only once and it will always be ready to use in their next go.

Privacy by Design

Beam serves to secure the user's personal information, meaning that only the owner of data will

get to access, control and process the data. Beam complies to the global standards for security,

both GDPR and PDPA, ensuring privacy and security of the

data by requiring user’s authentication to access.

Beam Lighthouse (For Enterprises)

Beam offers the most convenient platform for their business partners to attain and manage forms from their customers, making the customer data acquisition process a lot easier. Once collected, data will be delivered

to the business’ database or Beam Lighthouse directly.

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